Full-Time Live-In

If you need help around the house all day, hiring a live-in maid or nanny is a convenient solution. You can live with peace of mind knowing that a fully sponsored worker is living in your home for a fixed monthly package price of AED 2500. We provide free replacements to make sure your needs are always satisfied and flexible contracts that let you cancel at any time without penalty. Benefit from same-day placement, making the process quick, easy, and stress-free.

At Quality, we simplify the process of bringing skilled domestic help into your home through our recruitment and deployment service. We guide you through the steps of recruiting, hiring, and employing qualified maids and nannies directly from the Philippines or Ethiopia. Under our Family Sponsorship program, we maintain a straightforward and open approach, making the process stress-free for you

Hire a full-time live-in qualified nanny
Package price AED 2500 per month
Flexible contract with free replacements
Same-day placement